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Say Hello To Nairi and Welcome Back to Clark

NEW!..Gaensehaut for your eyes.

The Nairi has received a much-welcomed range extension - We loved the design as an optical version and we felt it would make an outstanding addition as a sunglass too.... How right were we? Beautiful, fantastic, and speechless comes to mind. You can choose - Rose Gold with Dark Grey and a Grey-Blue gradient with a Rose Flash lens or Gold with a Warm Havana and Gold Flash lens. Light Gun with a Cherry and Pink Flash lens or last but not least - Black Titanium with a Smoky Swath in a Night Sky Acetate ring and Caviar lens - OR JUST TAKE THEM ALL!


One of our best-selling classics from the HERITAGE COLLECTION, The Clark, is back in stock. Make sure you get it before Elvis leaves the building.

The color selection for this production is Night as in Onyx Black, Toffy, Petrol, Crystal, Night Blue (NBL) and Blue - Grey Horn. They are all drop dead gorgeous - so it doesn't really matter which one you order - you cant go wrong with this one.

GTFO! - Domino's Finally Got It Right!

It might be called a "Pizza Box", but it's not made for carrying a pizza. Instead, this cleverly named case from Louis Vuitton is made for carrying vinyl records, CDs, and other audio accessories. It's shaped like a pizza box at roughly 14" square and 1.5" tall but is built like one of the company's iconic trunks, with a monogram canvas exterior, natural cowhide lining and snap closure, and gold-colored hardware. Finished with the message "LV SOUND DESIGN AND RECORD CLUB" in white on the top. I would use it for pizza...

Available at Louis Vuitton...

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