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The Compass collection is our lightest frames. They float on your face like a needle in a compass. Some designs incorporate acetate rings to accent color and also give an extra thickness, which helps to conceal higher prescription. Made from a combination of space grade titanium and beta-titanium.


With the Destination collection we "reintroduced" a simple eyewear frame.  The concept of this "traditional" frame, in which an eyewear is soldered to a bridge and endpieces that support the temples, did make us fall in love all over again. We modernized the shapes of course. The metal is made entirely of space grade and beta titanium, an extremely flexible titanium alloy, for maximum strength and minimal weight. Our monoblock calibrated hinges are designed for stability and support the opening mechanism to hold the lens. That is where we wanted to go... and so it became the destination collection. 

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The Essentials Collection is our luxury bread and butter. The frames are manufactured by hand from Italian acetate and include calibrated Austrian hinges. They have an excellent fit and a great minimalist design for unmatched comfort. The quality is outstanding! Since everyone raves about their own products, how can we explain that we go one step further? We advise you to give it a try so that you can experience and comprehend what we are finding difficult to describe. It’s called Essentials because it is exactly what you need. You will feel that you did the right thing (freudenhaus is, after all, the house of joy) and that is crucial for us. 



The Fusion collection combines the best elements from two different worlds. The color variations and color depth of transparency, opaqueness, and combinations in acetate, as well as the lightness and strength of our space grade titanium, despite

its thinness and optical lightness. Combining these two materials creates a tension and adds intrigue, reminding us of experimenting with light and shadow. We could have used the word "combination," but we thought it could be a bit dull, so we went with "fusion."

hybrid - fem odette.jpg


Ti-22 is the atomic number and symbol for titanium on the periodic table. The titans of Greek mythology are the source of the metal's name. Our block titanium series, Ti-22, is named after what it is constructed of. The titanium frames are laser cut from a block of titanium; sometimes we add beta-titanium for flexibility, but these frames are essentially carved out of the element itself. Titanium is a fantastic material for eyewear since it has the ideal strength to density ratio in addition to being strong and lightweight. Additionally, it is hypoallergenic, making it a great material for skin contact.

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