Handmade... is made by hand

That is how we craft our frames. The finest artisan craftsman using their magic to create our frames, in more than 100 single worksteps. They mill, shape, sand and smooth down. They drill, rasp, file, solder, plate and adjust. They cut, grind, engrave and polish so that you get your pair of FHONE glasses. Exceptional eyewear that becomes a part of you. The design, the look, the feel and the quality so you can fall in love with yourself - everytime you look in the mirror. Mirrors are just so much better when you look fhonetastic.

Nothing is better than the feeling that you made the right choice. FHONE!

Enjoy the pictures. They are taken by Roman Kuhn in one of our factories in Germany. Each single step reflects love, passion and experience.


Perfection which we call "handmade".