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The Domino is from our Essentials Collection, our luxury bread and butter. This frame is now available in PTH 349 with Hue Lenses. This is a green polarized lens.


"Hue’s patented ColorBoost lenses maximizes the colors you see, so that you can perform at an elite level while also having the best visual experience. ColorBoost Sport magnifies colors for visual awareness, target recognition, target tracking, and reaction time. ColorBoost Military expands your ability to detect safety markers, hazards, and anomalies. ColorBoost Cinema gives your world a cinematic feel, like a photo filter. Come and see a world of color that is bolder, brighter and better.


Hue’s ColorBoost lenses maximize the volume of colors seen by the wearer to create the highest levels of color resolution in optical lenses. This improvement is measured by a Color Resolution Factor (CRF) which quantifies the number of distinguishable colors transmitted from optically-resolved visual details.


The ColorBoost lens has a 35% higher color resolution as evidenced by the vivid photo and a 35% larger Color Volume. The 99% CAF certifies the ColorBoost lens preserves color accuracy, which in turn ensures depth perception and promotes visual comfort. Our lenses allow wearers to have the highest color resolution without sacrificing color accuracy."


(information courtesy of hue lens technologies)

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