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Welcome to the world of FHONE, a distinguished name in high-end luxury independent eyewear. Our brand epitomizes classic design reimagined with a contemporary twist, meticulously crafted to perfection. We want you to fall in love with yourself in the mirror when you wear our glasses. Our glasses make you feel at home. Committed to using the finest components and artisanal craftsmanship, FHONE offers unparalleled comfort and superior quality. Every piece is a testament to the great design philosophy that marries timeless elegance with meticulous attention to small details. Founded and designed by the visionary Stefan Flatscher, a luminary in the eyewear industry and CEO-founder of the esteemed optical concept store, Freudenhaus in München. FHONE represents the framework that brings out the best in you. Elevate your eyewear experience with Fhone – where luxury meets innovation.



In 1991, Stefan Flatscher and his partner Uwe Pinhammer launched the original luxury eyewear company Freudenhaus in Munich, Germany. Stefan was in charge of the designs and distribution of the eyewear collections, while Uwe was in charge of the shop. By making glasses square, his early designs transformed the industry. 

After selling his German distribution company and migrating to America, Stefan continued working as Freudenhaus USA, but decided it was time to pursue the next step—FHONE. FHONE is FreudenHaus, but leveled up. FHONE was created as an independent luxury eyewear brand in 2017 from Freudenhaus USA.

Our name stands for "The House of (Optical) Joy." Joy is a focal point in the FHONE brand philosophy to this day. We want you to love your glasses. FHONE strives to reconstruct eyewear by blending who we are, the spirit of where we came from, and where we want to go. In all of his designs, he incorporates traditional elements with a modern touch. We aim to take you a small step outside of your comfort zone so that it remains engaging, new, and thrilling. Of course, different designs do this on different levels.

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After finishing his apprenticeship to become an optician, a friend asked the class, “What do you want to do?” Stefan stated, “I want to be the best optician in the world.” Some laughed, but Stefan said it in a way where his friend truly believed him. Best—in the sense that his priority will always be making his clients happy.

Stefan dreamed up his vision of Freudenhaus during this stage, and truly brought his vision to fruition. He wanted people to obtain a deeper understanding of the mechanics behind designing glasses, and how important the details of the quality of glasses really are. His love and passion for creating glasses is illuminated in his designs. Stefan's design tactics were not only focused on fashion, but bearing in mind industrial design. How heavy it sits on your face, what is most comfortable to wear daily, are factors always present during his creations.

FHONE is more than a pair of glasses, they are in the middle of your face, and extension of who you are. The joy you feel in your FHONE glasses is our driving force of creating glasses. Glasses are a necessity, and we want to change the experience you feel when finding your perfect pair. It’s not just another shopping trip, it’s finding confidence in yourself. You deserve it, and we want you to be happy. 

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We develop outstanding glasses with German engineering. Great design stems from small details and state of the art quality, that is handmade by skilled craftsmen. We use the finest materials and components, consisting of calibrated hinges from Austria and Germany, space grade titanium from Japan, and Italian acetate. They mill, shape, sand, and smooth down. They drill, rasp, file, solder, plate, and adjust. They cut, grind, engrave, and polish so that you get a unique pair of FHONE glasses. There are over 120 steps that goes into crafting eyewear, and we take our steps seriously. All of our frames are designed by Stefan Flatscher with love and passion. Did we mention that our glasses fit like a glove? 

We make our clients happy by providing them with exceptional glasses that make them feel amazing. We understand glasses are beyond faces and dimensions. Our glasses allow people feeling as though they made the right decision and want to do it again... soon you'll be a collector!

When you put into perspective the importance of optical glasses, you are wearing it for 6,000 hours per year, for many years. The quality of the frame is essential. Our designs are carefully made with the intention of not breaking easily, as well as having optimal comfort. Comfort is easier experienced than explained. Wearing our eyewear for two minutes will surely make you understand and fall in love.

If this sounds like you, we would love for you to join our family! After all, our name Freudenhaus, "House of Joy" stems from the joy we have for our glasses and clients. People say you can't buy happiness, but you can buy glasses and that's pretty much the same thing... We want to make you happy!

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We curate our products with the intention of creating minimal environmental impact. Our FHONE lenses are designed with the objective of allowing you to see the finest version of mother nature.


Stefan was raised in cities such as Salzburg, and Bad Reichenhall, where care for nature was prevalent. Sustainability practices have always been important with our brand identity.


Sustainability, to us, begins with longevity, which is why we use titanium - it lasts for years. Our clients have had pairs of our glasses for over 20 years, and this is because we prioritize quality. Whether you’re wearing the same frame everyday, or switching it out for occasions, our quality is pristine to withstand the lifespan of having them. 


Our frames are hand-finished with love and passion by artisan craftsmen who use 100% m49 bio-acetate. Our acetate is obtained from a selection of renewable sources such as certain varieties of trees from responsibly managed forests and cotton linters.


Our manufacturers optimize cutting out the frames efficiently with size in mind, to eliminate excessive leftover product. To reduce waste, we acquire less merchandise and proactively prepare ingredients for manufacture. Our quality is not compromised, but we are making a difference in nature. We want you to buy less, and save yourself the headache of having to replace glasses consistently. 

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