We love great design, small details and pure quality. We respect your face and bring out the best of you. Be true to yourself, do whats right and love your glasses. Handcrafted Eyewear since 1991 - we are FHONE!

The original creators of Freudenhaus, proudly extend a warm "welcome back to the good old - brand new, FHONE eyewear collection.” Driven by the ideas and values from 1991, to give great people even greater glasses. FHONE is FreudenHaus back to Square One - back to the roots - reinvented - improved - on steriods… If you were a fan of FreudenHaus, you will love FHONE.

Some say, glasses have to be technically perfect, and they are right. Others say, glasses have to be fashionable, trendy, cool, stylish and chic. Of course, that is also correct. But for us, Stefan Flatscher and Uwe Pinhammer, these things are not enough. We want more. We believe that glasses become a part of your personality.

So we say: "Love your glasses, as you love yourself” -  FHONE Eyewear will make you fall in love, every time you look in the mirror. Uwe usually adds “If you look in the mirror and recognize yourself it is a great day" Imagine how fantastic your day will be with your FHONE Glasses.

FHONE intends to be your number one eyewear collection, but also to find an ingenious way to talk about glasses. FHone is an eye-to-eye communication accessory, fashionable, beautiful, made by artisan craftsmen in state-of-the-art quality. Japanese titanium, Italian acetate, calibrated hinges from Austria combined with german engineering and Stefan Flatscher design. FHONE is the go to eyewear collection for every aspect of your life.

20 years ago we reinvented the wheel by making it square. Now we intend to do it again by creating the perfect mixture of everything we are, the essence of where we come from, combined with where we want to go. We chose the Buddhistic middle way as our path to create a frame, a frame that brings out the best in you. The mix of a classic inspiration and a modern twist makes for great design. FHONE elevates you.

FHONE is the fusion between great design, quality and comfort. The feeling for time and fashion gives us the ability to combine these elements, in the right dosage. FHone is so much more than a fashion accessory - it becomes a part of you. 

FHONE is FreudenHaus back to square one

We love great design, small details and pure quality.

Outstanding, uncompromised, modern, that brings out the best in you. Walking the middle path also makes FHONE a go to collection in every aspect of your life. Eyewear is so much more than fashion, eyewear becomes an extension of yourself. Yes it is fashionable, but we go further. It is versatile, as people are. We put a little edge in the mix, making it an outstanding part of you.